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Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed EDP Spray for Men, 4-Fluid Ounce


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Green Irish Tweed Perfume by Creed, Though it was originally designed for movie star Cary Grant, this scent isn't only for men . For the ladies, Green Irish Tweed perfume leads with hints of French verbena and Florentine iris. The scent follows with violet leaves and concludes with Mysore sandalwood and ambergris. This haunting blend is sure to leave a lasting impression on any nose that encounters it. Furthermore, its rich combination of sport and spice offers a unique aura to those who wear it. Creed is one of the oldest and most enduring houses in the cologne and perfume industry. Since its establishment in 1760, the company has been owned and operated by seven generations of family members. Numerous world leaders have worn Creed scents throughout history, including President John F. Kennedy, Queen Victoria, Sir Winston Churchill, and numerous monarchs. Green Irish Tweed was first produced in 1985 and has since become a signature item in the company’s storied history. 
 fragrance notes: sandalwood, lemon. recommended use: daytime Eau de parfum spray 4 oz 
design house: creed 
year introduced: 1985 
fragrance notes: sandalwood, lemon. 
creed green for men

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